About Us

About Us

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Aspect Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on December 2nd, 2009 as a private limited company with two major shareholders.

Two decades of experience as engineers in the field of Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical, the two directors namely: Mr. Murali and Mr. Melvin on 2nd December 2009 decided to venture into the field of business solely to serve with the significant knowledge and experience gained their employments owing the companies that they have worked.

The nature of business is Construction and Consultancy which covers the scope of design, supervision, construction, and management aspects of any project. Providing high-quality consulting in all aspects and stages of engineering is also one of the services which are rendered. The types of projects vary from residential, commercial, and industrial according to the market demands.

Management Philosophy:

“Our motto is to ensure that all aspects of the project are covered during the planning, execution, and completion stage. A complete team of well-trained and experienced personnel is recruited to upkeep that philosophy. Attaining perfection is the key to all success”

Building Staffs

One of the most crucial management tasks is staffing. It entails the procedure of filling the open position with the appropriate persons at the appropriate work, at the appropriate time.Human resources are among the most important for any firm since they allow for the effective and efficient use of all other resources, including cash, materials, machinery, and so forth.

History Emphasis

The goal of emphasis is to call the viewer's attention to a particular design element. In the majority of design disciplines, such as architecture, landscape design, and fashion design, focus is applied.

Economic Outcomes

We referred to be an economic activity that includes every step of the building process, from creating raw and manufactured building materials and components to offering expert services like project management and design.


Revenue till 2023(Million)


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Successfully Project


Year of experience

Visualizing Deliveriables

Use agile frameworks to provide high-level overviews a solid synopsis. Corporate strategy iterations encourage cooperative thinking to advance the overall value proposition

Total Quality Control

Release cross-media information effectively without adding any cross-media value. Maximize timely outputs for real-time schemas as soon as possible. Without practical solutions, maintain click-and-mortar solutions dramatically.

Offering Realistic Solutions

Profit from low-hanging fruit to locate a potential value-added activity forbeta testing. Make up for the digital divide with more  clickthroughs. The information highway’s integration in nanotechnology will complete the circle.

Understanding Requirements

Proactively planned cross-media growth plans and multimedia-based competence. Imagine quality intellectual capital without outstanding idea-sharing and teamwork. Holistically expound maintainable goods once established basic portals.

Our Core Values


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Over the years, the Aspect Engineering team has contributed to numerous amazing projects.

We Follow Best Practices

We provide the top engineers and contractors to realize your ambitions.

Trust and Worth

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